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#1 Dec 11, 2017
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OrCAD PSpice / PCB designer Lite 16.6 Installation problem!

I have installed OrCAD PCB Designer Lite 16.6 (incl. PSpice A/D Lite) on my PC with Windows 7 and my symbol library have some files included and some missing:

/tools/capture/library folder:
- Amplifier.olb    included
- Breakout.olb     missing!
- Connector.olb    included

- Discrete.olb     included
- Transistor.olb   included
- Eval.olb         missing!
- Evalp.olb        missing!
- Filter.olb       included
- OPAmp.olb        included
- Regulator.olb    included

The same goes for my PSpice model library:

/tools/pspice/library folder:
- Amplifier.lib    missing!
- Breakout.lib     included
- Connector.lib    missing!
- Discrete.lib     missing!
- Transistor.lib   missing!
- Eval.lib         included
- Evalp.lib        included
- Filter.lib       missing!
- OPAmp.lib        missing!
- Regulator.lib    missing!

The list shows some of the more important files, but there are several other strange misalignments of files between the two libraries!

Perhaps some symbol files are named differently than the PSpice model files or otherwise my lite installation somehow is not complete or was corrupted during the installation?!

In any case, it would be a big help, if somebody can provide me with any help with these files!

Also, how do I link the symbols to the PSpice models in OrCAD Lite 16.6?

Best regards,
JP, Roskilde, Denmark.


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There are two sets of symbol libraries shipped with Capture+PSpice. One set (present at ../tools/capture/library level) is meant for PCB flow. They have just symbols and does not have any associated simulation models. The simulation symbol libraries are present in ../tools/capture/library/pspice folder. You shall be able to find corresponding simulation models in ../tools/pspice/library folder. 

To Link a symbol with PSpice model - after placing a symbol in schematic - select Associate PSpice Model with that instance in capture and follow the instruction. You need the latest version of software for this (17.2).

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