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Enhanced PSpice AA Flow

The PSpice AA 17.2-2016 version allow users to run PSpice AA on design created using any type of SPICE models. You can simply assign tolerances on discrete, device/model parameters, global variables, voltage and current sources, sub circuit parameters. The new enhancements will enable you to add global tolerances and distributions in seconds so that you can improve the reliability of their design as well as reduce the cost.


PSpice AA Enhancements 0.PNG




Assign Global Tolerances to Variables

In the enhanced PSpice AA flow, you can now apply tolerances on global variables and then use sensitivity and Monte Carlo analysis to analyze the impact of the tolerance on the functioning of the design. This very powerful and unmatched feature enables you to assign almost any circuit or model parameter and analyze its impact.


PSpice AA Enhancements 1.PNG


Assign Global Tolerances to Subcircuit

In the enhanced PSpice AA flow, you can add tolerance and probability distribution to any exposed model parameters of a subcircuit. In other words, if you have a subcircuit model of a simple or complex device such as a motor, you can add tolerances and distribution to any of the exposed model parameters. No need to flatten your designs or edit models anymore. Now you can leverage your hierarchical designs and models by exposing your model parameters to the top level for easy variation. 


PSpice AA Enhancements 2.PNG


Assign Global Tolerances to Vendor Models

In the enhanced PSpice AA flow, you can assign tolerances and distributions to model parameters defined in the IC manufacturers' models. So models you downloaded from the web can be readily used in the PSpice AA flow. Imagine the analysis power you now have with this enhanced capability to be able to add tolerance parameters to any manufacturer model downloaded from the web.


PSpice AA Enhancements 3.PNG

Watch the full Demo Video here:

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The new improvements will

The new improvements will enable users to Write Me an Essay add world tolerances and combinations in moments so that they can increase the authenticity of their plan as well as decrease the price.

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