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#1 Sep 5, 2020
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Few simulation results in 1 diagram


I have a little problem.


I need to put a few simulation results in 1 diagram but i don't know how i can do that.

For exaplme:

Circuits with 50uF capacitor and 10 Ohm resistor + 50uF/20 Ohm + 100uF/10 Ohm + 100uF/20 Ohm ... etc.


Can someone help me?




Mon, 2020-09-07 15:12
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Hi Joshmx, 
Are you asking how to use different schematics in your project?

If so, you can create a hierarchical design and change the implementation when you want to simulate the other circuit.

  • Eg. one hierarchical block will contain the 50uF and 10 ohm res.
  • Another block will contain 50uF and 20 ohm.
  • You can then simulate each block at the same time (or individually) to see the difference in results.

Eg. In OrCAD Capture - File - New - Project - select the hierarchical.opj in dropdown and Ok

This will help you create such a project.

Depending on your needs, a parametric sweep for the capacitor and resistor value may be easier. Eg. set Capacitor C1 value to {CAPVAL} and place the VARIABLES part to define a parameter to sweep. Remember to setup the parametric sweep in the simulation profile in the end.


Kind regards,

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