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Importing measured data to Plot (AC-Sweep)

Hello, everyone,

I would like to compare two bode plots between a simulated plot (AC-Sweep) and a measured plot in pSpice AD.

The measured data is available as CSV file.
First column frequency and second column impedance.
Importing and generating a DAT file works so far.
Unfortunately I cannot display both plots in one diagram.

When I start the command "Append file...", it gives the following message:

"Some of the selected sections contain different node names than the first selected section. This may result in invalid multi-section expressions (e.g V(4)/V(5) where V(4) exists in section 1 and 2, V(5) exists in sections 2 and 3). 
Choose "Skip Inconsistent Sections" to not read in the inconsistent sections, thus preventing possible invalid expressions
Chose "Do  not Skip Sections" if you want to mix inconsistent sections, and you won't be using multi-section expressions. "

No matter which button I click, it doesn't work.

Can anyone help me?

Do I have to create and simulate the measured data as a source?
How to do it with Transient Simulation?



Fri, 2019-05-10 06:33
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If the append waveform does not work, then you could import the CSV data as measurement in the schematic design near the circuit you are simulating. Then you could see both traces in the probe window. 

What do you mean with the question how to do it with Transient simulation?


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