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Help with ERROR(ORPSIM-16517)

I'm not sure what the error is referring to. Can someone look at the output file and tell me?


* Profile Libraries :
.INC "c:\users\mong.lor\documents\audio amplifier\amptest-pspicefiles\schematic6\Compressor_AGC\Compressor_AGC_profile.in"
+ "c"
* Local Libraries :

**** INCLUDING Compressor_AGC_profile.inc ****
.LIB    ".\Q2N3906.lib"

**** RESUMING Compressor_AGC.cir ****
.LIB "../../../pspice models/lm317/lm317_trans.lib"
.LIB "../../../pspice models/tps7a39/tps7a3901_trans.lib"
.LIB "../../../pspice models/q2n3906/q2n3906.lib"
.LIB "../../../pspice models/lm337/lm337_n_trans.lib"
.LIB "../../../pspice models/snvm037a/lp2951_pspice_trans/lp2951.lib"
* From [PSPICE NETLIST] section of C:\Users\mong.lor\cdssetup\OrCAD_PSpice\17.2.0\PSpice.ini file:
.lib "C:\Users\mong.lor\Documents\AUDIO AMPLIFIER\PSpice Models\Q2N3906\Q2N3906.lib"
.lib "nom.lib"

*Analysis directives:
.TRAN  0 100ms 0
.PROBE64 V(alias(*)) I(alias(*)) W(alias(*)) D(alias(*)) NOISE(alias(*))
.INC "..\SCHEMATIC6.net"


* source AMPTEST
R_R4         N00316 +12V  100k TC=0,0
R_R11         N01414 +12V  1M TC=0,0
C_C1         N00296 N00309  0.1  TC=0,0
R_R3         N00316 N00309  1M TC=0,0
X_R12         0 0 N01630 POT PARAMS: SET=0.5 VALUE=100k
C_C8         0 +12V  0.1  TC=0,0
R_R7         N00586 N00590  3k TC=0,0
R_R10         N01134 N01414  1k TC=0,0
R_R6         N00590 N00463  1M TC=0,0
V_V2         N00017 0  AC 1
+SIN 0 8.2 2k 0 0 0
X_R17         0 N02416 N02437 POT PARAMS: SET=0.5 VALUE=10k
R_R16         N02437 N03359  10k TC=0,0
R_R15         N02459 N03115  100k TC=0,0
R_R2         N00017 N00296  150k TC=0,0
J_J1         N00296 N01134 0 J175
C_C2         0 N00316  10  TC=0,0
C_C6         0 N01134  10  TC=0,0
R_R14         N03115 +12V  10k TC=0,0
X_U1         N00309 N00590 +12V 0 N00463 TL081/301/TI
R_R13         N01352 N01630  10k TC=0,0
C_C4         0 N00586  47  TC=0,0
C_C3         N00463 N00827  10  TC=0,0
X_Q1         N01414 N01352 0 2n3904d/ON
X_Q2         +12V N02416 N01134 2n3904d/ON
R_R1         0 N00017  220 TC=0,0
D_D1         0 N01352 D1N4148_1
V_V1         +12V 0 12Vdc
C_C5         N00590 N00463  47p  TC=0,0
X_R8         0 N00944 N00827 POT PARAMS: SET=0.5 VALUE=10k
R_R9         N01352 N00827  10k TC=0,0
R_R5         0 N00316  100k TC=0,0
C_C7         0 N02459  10  TC=0,0
Q_Q3         N03359 N03115 +12V 2N3906
ERROR(ORPSIM-16517): The fourth argument of the transistor in the netlist starts with a number. If it is the substrate pin of a transistor, provide a model name. If it is a model, change the first character of the model name from number to an alphabet.

**** RESUMING Compressor_AGC.cir ****

Wed, 2019-06-12 09:06
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You should change the fourth argument in Q3. That is what you have:

Q_Q3     N03359 N03115 +12V 2N3906

So, if it is a substrate pin, provide a model name. If it is a mode, change the first character to an alphabet. For example:

Q_Q3     N03359 N03115 +12V N23906.

With the netlist you sent it is difficult to offer a better solution/answer. So if you send the circuit, it would help.


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